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Community Projects

These are some of the projects TAY has been a part of. We want to contribute positively to our community, as well as encourage those around us to take action.


Clothes Fundraiser

We have organized and participated in 3 clothes fundraisers in our community so far.


We have collected over 100kg of clothes and delivered them to one of the "Roba Amiga" collection points. From then on, the clothes in the containers are either directly delivered to people who need them or reused to create new items of clothing.

We work on organizing the recollection, transporting the donated clothes to the delivery containers, and encouraging and helping our community give their unused clothes a second life.

Books Donation

We have arranged a small book donation in our community. We want to reuse and recycle books that we have already read and are now simply standing on our shelves.  

We have gathered the given books from our neighbors, organized them by their target audience, condition, and language, and donated them to our nearest public library.

We estimate we have donated over 150 books, which will now be given a second life. 

Libros de tapa dura

Volunteers at Travesía Solidaria Vilassar de Mar

We have volunteered for the 3rd consecutive year in the Charity Open Water Swimming Race in Vilassar de Mar.


As volunteer organizers,  we have helped manage the participants, arrange the preparations, and assist in coordination. Some of the TAY members have also participated, swimming the 4k race.

All proceedings of the race go to Aguas Solidarias from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to helping in the construction and renovation of water structures for people in need.

Volunteers at ASPASIM Charity Race

We have volunteered as charity runners in ASPASIM's Correm Junts 2022 Race.

A 1-mile race where people with disabilities are 100% involved, and helped to complete the race. All proceeds go to Aspasim Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with serious intellectual disabilities.

Mujer Running Race

Tutoring children of backgrounds with a lack of resources

We have tutored and supported children to expand their motivation to study and their academic opportunities. We work on establishing a strong bond with them that will make the experience enriching, and familiar education which will go on to help them in their future studies.

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