Initiatives at TAY

Our main goal is to encourage our generation to take action. The initiatives at TAY are those we lead, develop, or participate in. We work on projects that have a direct impact on our community as well as contribute positively to society and the environment on a global scale. As a Member at TAY, you'll learn about these opportunities and how to participate in them.

Ambassadors further have the ability to create and lead initiatives of their own, as well as help develop and expand the existing ones.

This are the projects TAY has been working on: 

Trash Clean Ups

We clean cities and nature while gathering data about our impact and the picked-up litter, to tackle the problem from its source.



Through our Podcasts, we interview interesting people and learn about their career and new concepts.

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Awareness Projects

We work on educating, inspiring, and encouraging youth using reliable information.


Community Projects

We organize, volunteer, and participate in projects that help those around us.



We have small networks built upon similar interests to meet like-minded people. Become a member to join and create one.

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We share helpful resources to expand our opportunities and develop our careers.