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How everything started

Tired of everyone's passiveness nowadays regarding global issues, a small group of friends met to discuss ways in which they could have a positive impact, and encourage others to do the same.

They started by creating initiatives in their local community. After founding a school debate club, and developing various successful fundraisers, they realized their ideas were worth expanding.

Soon after they started planning, and incorporating everything into one organization:

The Active Youth. 

Their main goal was a creating a community, where everyone could work together and participate in projects that would contribute positively to society and the environment.


To help break this generation's passiveness by becoming active youth.

Our mission and Values

"The Active Youth's mission is to tackle global problems by establishing a community of active youth who lead, develop, and participate in initiatives."

Core values

Being a member of The Active Youth is much more than just participating in initiatives, it is growing to become someone empathetic, creative, and open-minded who gives the best version of themselves, and has an impact on the world.

These are some of the values that shape the core identity of TAY:

RespectIt's the key component to understanding and working with one another. Diversity and uniqueness are always welcome. Our safe multicultural space functions by maintaining respectful relationships between all the members at TAY.

Innovation - Thinking outside of the box it's often the best way to solve challenges and come up with ideas. Creativity is a skill we empower at TAY.

Enthusiasm - At TAY we encourage everyone to speak their minds, take risks, and create new things. We want a motivated community that is passionate about what we are doing and their own ideas.

Active - Stepping up and taking action to make a change, is everything TAY is about.

Diversity and inclusion

At The Active Youth, diversity and inclusion are some of the elements we like to highlight.

We embrace everyone's uniqueness. Since we believe different people with different minds create the best ideas when they work together.

We welcome any member from any part of the world, no matter their sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, gender, or religion.


We want everyone to feel comfortable being part of The Active Youth.

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