Become An Ambassador

Our vision is to make a positive change by collaborating with one another. Ambassadors become part of the Team and help us grow, make decisions, and bring to life ideas. You will be the representor of your country and/or region. As an Ambassadors you can also apply for specific roles or departments at TAY that fit your interests, such as being the Social Media Manager or leading the Outreach department.

What do Ambassadors do?

At TAY we don't want anyone to feel forced, or obligated to work. Everything is voluntary, and each Ambassador decides on what they want to do.

Create & Develop

In the Team, you can choose the initiatives, events, or projects that you want lead, develop or participate in.

As a representor of your country/region you can direct initiatives in your local community, and be in charge of our activities, promotion, and outreach there.

Monthly Meeting

Ambassadors will meet with other Ambassadors from around the world on a monthly meeting. Here you can meet amazing people, and learn about them, their impact, and share ideas. It is the perfect place to starts friendships and expand your network.

Benefits of being an Ambassador

Skills and Experience

As an Ambassador at TAY you will earn invaluable experience that will help you in the development of your career. You will also improve your communicational, organizational, and entrepreneurial skills.

Lead the Change

Certificate and Awards

Ambassadors are the leaders. You will help create the initiatives, organize events, manage fundraisers, conduct interviews/conferences, expand our social media.. etc. You will be driving our activities and our impact.

Upon completing 3 months as an Ambassador, you will earn a Youth Ambassador Certificate, and can earn one of our prestigious awards. This will be valuable in your CV, Linkedin, and any kind of job/uni application.


We want this to be a multicultural space of open collaboration where anyone can lead the change. These are some criteria to keep in mind:


TAY is focused on and created by youth, thus we mainly look for Ambassadors who are 15-25 years old. However age is not a restricting factor so feel free to apply.


We require an overall commitment to TAY of at least 3 months. But the role of an Ambassador is flexible and adaptable to anyone's lifestyle and schedules. 


TAY is a multicultural community, so being open-minded, inclusive, and respectful to everyone is the most important requirement. 


Welcome to The Active Youth community!

Become an Ambassador!