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TAY is all about collaboration and empowering one another, thus we find it essential to share resources, skills, and opportunities that might be helpful to others. These are some organizations, programs, competitions, and other resources we recommend:

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What is the problem and how urgent is it?

Green sustainable energy and transport require raw materials that may be short in supply

The 11 December 2009 the EU adopted a package of legislative and policy initiatives in order to achieve 2050 climate neutrality: The Green Deal. Europe is aiming to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

The European Union knows that Raw materials are crucial to achieving this goal, as they are critical to ensure a transition to green energy technologies, secure growth and sustainable consumption, and secure access to clean and efficient consumer technologies.


Europe is highly dependent on the importation of raw materials to secure the global competitiveness of its manufacturing industries and to accelerate the transition to a resource-efficient, sustainable society. However, more than 90% of the critical raw materials (CRM, which today are 30 of the Period table's elements according to the 2020 study) used by the European Union (EU) are imported, 62% from China and  5% from politically highly unstable countries, highlighting serious supply chain risks. These risks could be alleviated by recycling and reusing CRMS, yet only 0.1% are being recycled today. 

How we can tackle this challenge?
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This Club is leaded by Marina Bellido nominated Raw MatTERS Ambassador by the Raw Materials@School founded and funded by the  European Institute of Innovation and Technology, 

Posters we created for the RM@SCHOOLS Critical Raw Materials for Renewable Energy Competition 

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How can you participate?

Knowledge and technology transfer sessions.


Generation of Energy Resources and Sustainable mobility

The storage of energy and subsoil is generating wide interest in the industrial sector due to the present and growing need to store electrical energy, mainly that which comes from renewable energy sources.

With the aim of increasing its use, we are investigating how to avoid energy losses generated at times of low demand by storing energy in the form of compressed air or by means of hydrogen in order to have this energy available at times of low demand. high demand.


Girls Go Circular


Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills for the Circular Economy

In the European Union, only 30% of entrepreneurs and 32% of economic leaders in are women. Furthermore, only 15% of tech sector workers in the EU are women.


In order to close the gender gap, the UN has set ambitious sustainable development goals (SDGs) to bridge the gender gap in education, but also “the empowerment of women and girls at all levels” (SDG4 and SDG5).


Our Mission

In this club we aim to bridge the gap of gender equality, with a special focus in encouraging women's participation in STEM. We want to promote in our platform the European Union Initiative: Girls Go Circular Project, which aims to equip girls aged 14-18 across Europe with digital and entrepreneurial skills through an online learning programme on the circular economy.

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