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The Active Youth is a student-led organization to encourage youth to take action in initiatives that have a positive impact.

By participating in and developing projects we target to build a multicultural space where we can all contribute positively to our society whilst tackling current global issues.

What Is TAY?




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What We Do


Raising Awareness

If we want to make a change, we must start by learning and understanding the situation. We work on informing, encouraging, and inspiring youth to contribute to the problems we face as a society.


Taking Action

We believe that issues will never be solved without any action upon them. Hence, we organize and participate in initiatives that have an impact.


Building a Community

We work on establishing a community of collaboration between changemakers. Creating a global network allows us to expand opportunities, increase cooperation, and meet like-minded people.


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Become An Ambassador

Lead The Change

You will be on our board, where we will share ideas, plan initiatives, organize events, and work on growing TAY. As an ambassador, you can develop your own initiatives to help your community.

You can apply to specific roles at TAY too.

You will meet people from around the world with similar interests and ambitions. This international network will prove useful to work together and learn, while tackling important issues.

International Community


You will learn about new topics. Exposure to new internships, challenges, mentorships, and awards will help you expand your opportunities, and advance your career.

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